Top-100 самых продаваемых цифровых песен за декабрь 2015 года по версии Gaon Digital Chart



Популярность PSY не знает границ по всему миру!
PSY замечательный артист YG Entertainment который занимает верхушки чартов и его две новые песни стали самыми продаваемыми в конце 2015 года.
Так же в первую 10-ку попали такие артисты и группы как:
Oh Hyuk
Lee Juck
Girls’ Generation
Feel Kim
Yoon Mira
Park Boram

Top-100 самых продаваемых цифровых песен за декабрь 2015 года по версии Gaon Digital Chart

1.(new) PSY — DADDY (Feat. CL of 2NE1)
2.(new) PSY — NAPAL BAJI
3.(-1) Oh Hyuk (hyukoh) — A Little Girl
4.(+1) Lee Juck – Don’t Worry
5.(new) ZICO – Eureka (feat.Zion.T)
6.(+34) Park Boram — Hyehwa-dong
7.(new) Yoon Mirae – This Love
8.(new) Girls’ Generation-TTS — Dear Santa
9.(=) Feel Kim — Youth
10.(new) EXO — Sing For You

11.(new) December – All I Can Give You Is Love
12.(hot) Yerin Baek — Across the universe
13.(new) PSY — Dream (Feat. XIA of JYJ)
14.(-7) San E, Mad Clown – Sour Grapes
15.(new) Brown Eyed Soul — Memory In The Night
16.(=) EXID — HOT PINK
17.(new) Noel — Together
18.(-17) Zico (Block B) — Boys And Girls (Feat. Babylon)
19.(-13) Lim Chang Jung — Love Again
20.(new) PSY — I Remember You (Feat. Zion.T)
21.(-9) TWICE — Like OOH-AHH
22.(new) EXO — Unfair
23.(-19) Adele — Hello
24.(new) Davichi (ft. Jay Park) – WHITE
25.(new) Turbo ft. Yoo Jae Suk – Again
26.(+33) Noel – In the End
27.(+66) BTS — RUN
28.(new) god — A Funny But Sad Day
29.(-18) Taeyeon (SNSD) — I
30.(new) Brown Eyed Soul — Home
31.(new) Roy Kim — The Great Dipper
32.(-29) IU — Twenty-three
33.(new) CL (2NE1) — Hello Bitches
34.(hot) VIXX, Seo In Guk — Because It’s Christmas
35.(new) EXO — Girl x Friend
36.(-15) iKON – My Type
37.(new) Gummy — Can’t Have You
38.(-12) G-Friend — Me gustas tu
39.(new) Zico (ft. Suran) – Pride and Prejudice
40.(-27) Zion.T — No Make Up
41.(-2) Lovelyz — Ah-Choo
42.(new) EXO — On the snow
43.(-35) 4Men — Let’s Hug
44.(-25) Dynamic Duo — Jam
45.(-31) iKON — APOLOGY
46.(new) Starship Planet — Softly
47.(new) PSY — AhjussiSWAG
48.(new) iKON — DUMB & DUMBER
49.(new) Zico — VENI VIDI VICI (Feat. DJ Wegun)
50.(-27) Gary — Get Some Air

51.(new) WABLE – Violet Fragrance
52.(new) Solji (EXID), Yoo Jae Hwan, Jung Hyung Don — Don`t Worry Music
53.(new) LYn x Shin Yong Jae — Then People
54.(-44) f(x) — 4 Walls
55.(new) NELL — Lost in perspective
56.(-41) Soyou, Brother Su – You Don’t Know Me
57.(new) ChoA (AOA) – Flame
58.(new) Hyolyn (SISTAR), Bumkey, JooYoung – Love Line
59.(-28) MINO (WINNER) — Fear (Feat Taeyang)
60.(new) PSY – Dance Jockey
61.(new) Younha — Hashtag
62.(new) Girls’ Generation-TTS — Merry Christmas
63.(-38) Soyou, Kwon Jeong Yeon — Lean On Me
64.(new) Seo In Guk, VIXX, Park Jung Ah, Park Yoon Ha – Jelly Christmas 2015
65.(new) Sojin (Girl’s Day) — Everyday With You
66.(-21) HuhGak — Along the Days
67.(new) PSY — ROCKnROLLbaby (Feat.
68.(new) PSY — Good Day Will Come
69.(-17) Crush, Loco — Too Yoo Project
70.(-52) IU — Zeze
72.(-55) IU — The shower
73.(new) Lovelyz — For You
74.(-18) Park Hyo Shin — To you
75.(new) Elisa — Hundred years life
76.(hot) Gummy — Like Them
77.(new) Not Available — You will keep my mind Tears
78.(-16) Zion.T — Eat
79.(new) Yezi (Fiestar) — Mad Dog
80.(new) Brown Eyed Soul — How did I could not not love you
81.(new) iKON — I MISS YOU SO BAD
82.(new) Verbal Jint, San E , Bumkey , Hanhae Of Phantom — Heat It Up
83.(-59) Zia – Sometimes
84.(-50) iKON — RHYTHM TA
85.(-17) Sam Smith — I`m Not The Only One
86.(new) Red Velvet – Wish Tree
87.(-45) Red Velvet — Dumb Dumb
88.(-37) Zion.T — Yanghwa BRDG
89.(+39) BTS — Butterfly
90.(new) Vibe, Shin Yong Jae (4men), Ben, Im Se Jun, MIIII – You’re My Christmas
91.(-15) Park Hyo Shin — Wild Flower
92.(-15) AOA — Heart Attack
93.(-58) Park Kyung (Block B) – Ordinary Love
94.(new) iKON — WHAT’S WRONG?
95.(new) Gain — When The Twelve O’clock
96.(new) B1A4 — It’s Christmas Time
97.(new) Brown Eyed Soul — HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU
98.(new) SEVENTEEN, Ailee – Q&A
99.(new) Girls’ Generation-TTS — Winter Story
100.(-42) hyukoh – Wi ing wi ing


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