Неоднозначная ситуация, произошедшая с участниками BLK во время KCON 2018 JAPAN, вызвала разногласия в сети


Парни из BLK столкнулись с неоднозначной ситуацией, споры о которой ведутся в сети до сих пор.

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Согласно фото и видео-отчетам, во время хайтача на KCON 2018 JAPAN BLK встретили японского комика по имени Ясумура, который был одет лишь в футболку и нижнее белье.

Прямо посреди мероприятия, когда Ясумура давал пять каждому из участников, мужчина просто поднял футболку, что шокировало парней. Взволнованные айдолы ничего не могли сделать, кроме как постараться не засмеяться и вести себя тактично, однако поклонники группы не были так любезны.

Как только видео попало в сеть, возникли споры о том, как стоит воспринимать произошедшее: юмор или же сексуальное домогательство. Некоторые утверждают, что такое явление довольно обыденно для Японии, и это просто разница культур, другие же заявили, что это одна из разновидностей сексуального домогательства, и комику стоит принести извинения. Кроме того, нашлись и те, кто разочарован уровнем организации ежегодного мероприятия, поскольку Ясумуре было разрешено «заявиться» в подобном виде в место, где полно людей всех возрастов.

Comedy or Sexual Harrasment?

[ADMIN COMMENT] Comedy or Sexual Harrasment? 4/15/18So at K-CON JAPAN — Ming Ming and his group BLK where subject to a very uncomfortable experience with Japanese comedian yasudebu*.I understand that Japan has some very lewd comedians and that is their thing. However things went from light hearted to extremely awkward when he pointed to his crotch area and the boys had to look and bend forward so they can sign his shirt (see photos in comments) I can only guess they felt uncomfortable with him doing that even if it was just for laughs. If this was a girl group this wouldn't have even been acceptable.Yes, I understand that there are many cultural differences in comedy. But because of these differences it makes the situation worse when a group consisting of Korean and Chinese members are put in a situation like this where they are not exposed to this type of comedy regularly. It should also not matter what gender the group is they should not be in a situation that makes them this uncomfortable. Even more so that MNET allowed the comedian to go into the meet and greet / high touch and fans had to see something they did not want to see. It's a simple case of sexual harassment in light of the #MeToo movement actively happening in South Korea the company should have been more responsible regardless of where the event takes place. Even if they tried to tone him down by making him wear a shirt(see comments to see his normal outfit), this is not something an Idol group should go through at their place of work. If normal fans are not be allowed to enter any event dressed like this, then why should a comedian get a pass because of an Interview he is doing. He will also be attending KCON again today 4/15. It saddens me that you can clearly see the group BLK tried to keep a professional like attitude and I applaud them for that. BLK is a fairly new group with a new fan base so they really don't have a voice. As a page that keeps up with 17tv / Seventeen members it was important to bring this issue to light. As BLK does not have the fanbase big enough that this would grab the attention it deserved.What do you think of this situation Comedy or Sexaul Harrasment?*Is his twitter usernameVIDEO CR: k_j_xx2x[#AC_P17][#EX_M_MINGMING_P17]

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